Africa Fashion Week
AFRICA FASHION WEEK LONDON Have you heard about ‘African Fashion Week London’ #AFWL?   I am thrilled to be named Media Partner for Africa Fashion Week London’17 and this blog post is a heartfelt gratitude for choosing my blog. I suppose it’s the ‘Tale of two Cultures’ for me. As you know from my About page, I was born in Nigeria and grew up in the UK. I left Nigerian for boarding school here at a young age and have since made UK home . Do you reconcile with this? Have you lived in more than one country? What are your experiences?

I don’t know about you, but I struggled for a long time to reconcile the two very distinct cultures. I went through periods where I totally embraced my Nigerian heritage and at other times, embraced more my British way of life.

It is often said, we are accustomed with the culture around us. Is this true for you? This is rather true for me, time and again, I see myself talking endlessly about the weather or welcoming a visitor with a cup of tea irrespective of the time of day! ? After all is said, I am very grateful to have been blessed with two cultures and love both unconditionally- won’t have asked for any better! A little snippet of me there, coming back to #AFWL…. I like seeing African culture showcased; bringing to life the beauty of this great continent and when done well like #AFWL, can never be compared to anything else! Going back to the African Proverb at the very beginning of this post, if we don’t tell our own story, the only version told will be by others. It’s imperative to collaborate with people and tell our story in our own words and collaborating with AFWL confirms further my strong belief in ‘togetherness’ And as a Media Partner, I want to use my social media and blog presence to raise awareness for #AFWL2017 taking place 11th & 12th of August 2017 at the Grand hall, Freemasons. This building will be transformed into an exhibition of African fashion, allowing visitors to peruse and purchase stunning pieces and unique creations from handpicked designers and brands as well as experience fashion on the catwalk with designers from all over the African continent.